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Designers Should Adopt Sustainable Pace

deLUX Austin, 2013

Jonathan Berger, Pivotal Labs


I'm @jonathanpberger

My background is in

I read and write code every day to build products and practice at @pivotallabs

Once upon a time...

Software development had problems

Hey designers, does this

Sound familiar?

(Let's see that again)

What happened?

Agile happened.

Software development has been revolutionized by Agile practices


designers struggle to adapt the same techniques


Why Now?

Origin Story

I started as

a self-taught designer

I worked on Spot.Us and

found Agile and fell in love.

I wanted to bring Agile to design.

I found Pivotal, and

they needed an Agile designer


Now Pivotal is building

a Product and Design practice

Top 3 areas for improvement:

Sustainable pace

Agile processes promote sustainable development. The sponsors, developers, and users should be able to maintain a constant pace indefinitely.

What does it mean to maintain a constant pace indefinitely in design?

Why Sustainable Pace First?

Area of greatest risk

Why Sustainable Pace First?

It'll be an uphill battle

What next?


@jonathanpberger on twitter, github, forrst, flickr, etc etc etc for this deck in HTML (with links).